Two Ways of Losing Weight: One Healthy, Other Dangerous

               Obesity: one of the major problems encountered by every person. Once a person gain too much weight, it will be hard for him to lose it again and go back to his normal shape. That’s why many people nowadays try different ways on how to get back in shape and loose unwanted fats. It could be healthy and safe but it could also be dangerous if we use the dark way.

              When it comes to losing weight, there is no easy way. We should be patient and be focus in terms of the food we eat. Unbalanced diet can lead to obesity and even to death. One healthy way of loosing weight is through exercise but we should do it accordingly. Having a balanced diet which consists of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is a good way also. We should eat on time and avoid all kinds of “too much”, too much sugar, too much fats and too much alcohol. We all know that too much is bad and could be worst if will be continue. Having enough rest and recreation is also recommended. We should avoid overfatigue and we should never abuse our body. We must look of losing weight in a safe way for us to achieve it.

                 On the other side, a large percentage of obese people are using the dangerous way of losing weight. Some of them have died of using it. And the persons using the dangerous way are considered to have a shorter life-span. Those persons are the persons who use pills which contain chemicals that can help reduce weight. They use it to lose weight easier and faster. According to the DOH, those drugs have ingredients that make the person lose appetite. This method is very wrong for it could affect their health if they don’t stop taking it. They could get diseases from it that could be worse and lead them to death. They use also the method of “passing” or not eating regularly and on time. Having unbalanced diet is really bad because our body can’t get the enough nutrients and minerals needed for survival. Yes it is true that using these ways can lead to fast going back into shape but it can really affect our health. Everyone of us should practice patience and perseverance and know that having a balanced diet and exercise is the best way of achieving what we want to achieve.

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“Chapters of Life”

Life is a very interesting journey. It contains a lot of experiences that in one glance, we’ll just realize, something has changed. One perfect example of it is the time where I finish one chapter of my life and entered a new one.


Highschool life is a chapter that’s full of discovery. In this chapter, I saw different sparks, I learned how t cope up struggles blocking my way to success like when I was already in the 4th year level, I saw the dark side of having a peer. I learned how to drink alcohol, stay outside late, hang out with my friends to different places, do things that should not be done. I almost forget my studies and my goal in life.


            I could still remember when one of my teachers called me and frankly said that I’m going to fail if I don’t watch myself. I got low grades but it’s not that low because still, I know within myself, my limitations. I pursue what I ‘ve already started  and finish the unfinished. I graduated with my parents and teachers on my side proud for I got rewards after all the things that happened.


            I could still recall when my teacher, Ms. Juliet Baroja and my bestfriend, Melanie Salvacion once told me that I could compete with my honor classmates if I will just be industrious and patient in studying. Those words marked in my mind and also in my heart. I can’t help but to smile that time because I agree on what they said for I’m such a lazy person when it comes to studying but I never let myself fail. For me, having passed is enough as long as I’m happy and contented.


            After I graduated, I realized that something within me has changed. I became more mature in terms of decision-making. It took me many times in thinking before I finalize my decision for it may conflict what would happen in the future. I know now the deeper meaning of love and having committed in a relationship. I know now how to handle myself and I learned how to think positively. And those were the lessons I brought as I entered the new chapter in my life, the college life.


            At first, all I think is that could never escape the first step, that I could never go on with the flow. But as I walk through this chapter, I already embraced a lot of changes. I started to gain more confidence, mingle with others and allow myself get into the circle. I met new friends and begin to face more challenges. I realized that highschool graduation is not the end, it was just the beginning, and life doesn’t close in every chapter, it is a continuous process.

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Hello world!

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